Curious about how we will work together? Here's how it will go!


Contact us via the contact page

Then reply to the automated email with the answers to the three questions you are asked, as well as any questions you might have


Once we receive your answers, we will send you a Dropbox folder to start adding in your materials! Scenes should be uploaded directly to the folder. If you have any downloadable links that you would like to send instead of files, please put all links in a single document and upload the document to the Dropbox. (If you need an alternate method to send the files, just let us know!)


Let us know once you’ve uploaded ALL of your materials to the Dropbox folder.  All materials must be uploaded BEFORE work begins. 

If you think of other clips to add in after the deposit has been paid, there will be a $40 charge per item submitted late.


  • We will send you an invoice for a 50% deposit.
  • Once we receive payment we will start creating your reel.
  • Within 1 week you will receive the first edit of your reel.
  • You will the have the option to provide up to two rounds of feedback to us, and we’ll edit your reel to perfection!


Once you give final approval, we will send you the updated invoice.

Pay your balance and you will receive your demo reel file in the Dropbox folder.