Demo Reel Packages




Pro color-correction when needed

Audio clean up when needed

Lower thirds where appropriate

End title card

Up to 2 rounds of client feedback and adjustments




Our most popular package.

We will help you choose your best scenes and dynamically edit them into a powerful actor demo reel!


This package includes:

1- 2.5 minute reel

This is the ideal length for an actor demo reel.  Every demo reel will be cut in order to showcase you in the best way possible with the given footage and exact length will depend on how it flows together best. 

Dynamic editing

We don’t just chop scenes up and randomly stick them back to back.  The reel you receive will have a natural flow of both the audio and video, and any footage that does not make you look amazing will be removed.  You will be the star of every scene!




$140 each additional

Are you a multi-hyphenate? Do you need multiple reels to show your multiple talents? It so important that your reel be targeted to the market you are selling to. So, for example, your hosting work and your acting work would need separate reels because you are pitching to separate buyers.  Or sometimes you have so much fantastic work that you can laser-target your acting reels and create one for drama and one for comedy.

This package includes:

The same high-quality reels as in The Feature, but at a reduced price for your second or third reel purchased at the same time as The Feature. You must purchase The Feature as your first reel in every order.






1- 2.5 minutes is the ideal length for an actor reel, and in most cases I would not encourage anything longer. However, if you are in need of a longer reel for a specific use, that can be arranged.

This package includes:

Everything in The Feature, but for a longer reel.






Is your reel ready for an update? This package only available for demo reels previously cut by Demo Reels For Actors.

This package includes:

Addition of up to 4 new clips to your reel

Adjustment of reel flow

Removal of clips that are no longer relevant







 Are clips important? Heck yeah! When CDs look at submissions on Breakdown Services, they want to see exactly what they are looking for right away, without other scenes that are not pertinent to the role they are casting in that particular moment.

You can split your reel up into clips on your own, and Actors Access also offers this as an option when you upload your reel.  But if you would rather have us do it, that’s ok too!

This package includes:

Delivery of every clip in your reel as a separate file. This price is per reel, not per clip.


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“Jessica is simply the best.  She has edited my reels, short films, and now we are working together on a webseries… I can’t say enough good things about Jessica.  Hire her.  You won’t be sorry and you’ll never go anywhere else.”

-Laura S.

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