Demo reels often go out to industry professionals who you have never met, and will be the basis of their decision to see you in person.
Quality is so important- it will make the difference between booking the job and looking like an amateur.
You wouldn’t use a snapshot taken by your cousin Gertrude as your headshot- so why would you send out a reel or clips that are not professional quality?


  • Pro color-correction when needed
  • Audio clean up when needed
  • Lower thirds where appropriate
  • End title card
  • Up to 2 rounds of client feedback and adjustments
Camera and book



1- 2.5 minute reel This is the ideal length for an actor demo reel.  Every demo reel will be cut in order to showcase you in the best way possible with the given footage and exact length will depend on how it flows together best. 

Dynamic editing We don’t just chop scenes up and randomly stick them back to back.  The reel you receive will have a natural flow of both the audio and video, and any footage that does not make you look amazing will be removed. You will be the star of every scene!

The Feature is for Actor Reels only. In need of a specialty reel? Check out #6, The Custom Reel.

“Jessica is simply the best. She has edited my reels, short films, and now we are working together on a webseries… I can’t say enough good things about Jessica. Hire her. You won’t be sorry and you’ll never go anywhere else.” -Laura S.