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As an editor, I’ve spent countless hours navigating through Actor Websites to view reels.

Consistently, I’ve observed common pitfalls:

✓ confusing navigation
✓ outdated sites
✓ missing information
✓ information overload
✓ irrelevant content
✓ improperly formatted resumes

Casting professionals, much like all of us, don’t have the luxury of time to sift through cluttered or confusing sites.

That's Why We Are Introducing Our

Our Marketing Makeover For Actors

Is a quick, easy fix to get your marketing materials where they need to be.
It is designed to take the confusion and overwhelm
out of updating your marketing materials.
We make sure that they are industry standard and on-trend,
so you don’t have to.

Say goodbye to confusing navigation and cluttered pages,
and hello to a curated site that ensures:

Your most impactful videos and photos take center stage
Your resume is properly formatted and easy to find
And distractions are eliminated 



Casting website updates also available- ask at consultation

What's Included:

Streamlined Navigation: Bid farewell to confusion! We’ll reorganize your site’s navigation for a seamless and intuitive user experience.

Decluttered Pages: Less is more. We’ll declutter crowded pages, ensuring each element serves a purpose and enhances your brand.

Impactful Content: Your best work deserves the spotlight. We’ll highlight your most impactful videos and pictures to grab attention.

Resume Formatting: Details matter. We’ll check and correct your resume formatting, ensuring it’s professional, easy to read, and up-to-date.

Video Organization: If you’ve got a fresh reel from us, we’ll upload it and ensure it’s super easy for site visitors to find. Plus, we’ll organize clips and tidy-up any older videos you want to keep. Keeping everything neat, focused, and easy to navigate.

Photo Update: Your headshot is your first impression. If you have new headshots, or other promotional pics, we’ll upload and organize them and take down any old ones that are no longer serving you.

To clarify:

The Marketing Makeover service is designed for actors who currently have a functioning website. 

It is not a full website build, but a targeted update to enhance user-friendliness and spotlight your best materials.

Marketing makeover may not be available for all platforms.

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