What is included? How much does it cost?

Do you shoot scenes?

No. We are an editing service. We cut together your previous work into a demo reel.

How long does it take?

The first cut of your reel will generally completed within a week, then every reel comes with the opportunity for up to 2 rounds of notes, to be sure that you are absolutely satisfied. Rush orders are subject to availability and an additional fee may apply.

How do I pay?

You will receive an electronic invoice to pay directly. A 50% deposit must be made before reel editing begins, the remainder will be due once reel is completed and before the final file is sent.

I don't have all of the footage I want for my reel. What do I do?

If your footage is available online, it may be possible for us to download. This will be determined on a case by case basis.

If the footage is from a television show or commercial, there is a good chance it is available as an aircheck.

An aircheck is a recording of a show in the highest quality available. There are services that not only record every current show but also keep archives dating back several decades. Below are some options for ordering airchecks. These options are intended only as a reference point for you. We are not affiliated with and do not endorse these companies. We encourage you to do your own research before purchasing airchecks.  Clips starting at $35   Clips starting at $23

Do I need clips?

Yes! Clips are incredibly important for submissions. Casting wants to see examples of your work that directly relate to the role that they are looking to cast, without having to search for it. You and your representatives need to be able to add clips to your submissions to point casting in the right direction for specific roles.

When you upload your reel to Actor’s Access, they will give you an option to split it up into individual clips. If you prefer to have us send your clips to you as individual files, that service is available for a $20 fee per reel.

Can I have a montage?

No. Casting directors and prospective agents are busy people, they want to open up your reel and see you acting right away, or you risk them turning it off before they even get to the good parts. They do not need to see what you look like on screen in a variety of outfits/settings, they want to see that you have chops. Yes, montages can look slick, but the purpose of this reel is not to show off our awesome editing skills, it is to show off your awesome acting skills! (This applies to actors only, if you are a speaker, host, or director, we can discuss montages individually)

Can you put in titles?

Absolutely! And we recommend it if your footage is from something well-known. We will include “lower-third” titles identifying the film/show.

How do I get my footage to you?

We will send you a Dropbox folder that you will upload all your files into. If you have anything as links rather than files, put all links into a single document and upload that document to the Dropbox.

After all of your materials have been uploaded (not before!) let us know at

Having issues with Dropbox? No problem, let us know and we will discuss alternate methods!

We do not accept files or links via email. Any materials added after work has begun will incur a charge of $40 per item.

If you have work on a DVD, please contact us to discuss options.

“I had some really challenging footage- blurry, poorly framed, the colours were all way off- but it was edited together beautifully. I felt so grateful to have them come to the rescue and would recommend them at the drop of a hat” -Katy H.