Deborah Dotoli, Manager AAG Talent on Clubhouse
"The Actors Club" April 14, 2021

Manager Deborah Dotoli pulls back the curtain on actor relationships with agents and managers, and the current climate in the industry!

“My client list is small and selective based on what I see in that actor as far as talent, work ethic, and stamina.  Many trained actors complete their education ready to move on and have no idea of where to go from there.   I develop resumes, webpages, schedule casting calls and provide overall support to my clients in all areas of their career. While working with my clients I have always searched for what they excel in and encourage them to build their career and further their education to reach their greatest potential.”

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Lauren Sowa on Clubhouse "The Actors Club" April 7, 2021

Does marketing yourself make you feel gross? Well it doesn’t have to! Listen in as we discuss with Lauren Sowa, a New York-based actor and filmmaker.  As an actor, she has been featured in The Plot Against America (HBO), The Rainbow Experiment (Slamdance, Amazon Prime), and The Devil’s Well. Upcoming: The indie feature Paris is in Harlem. In 2016, she and Tim Eliot founded Form & Pressure Films to tell stories that inspire and provoke thought, while encouraging diversity and equality on set and on screen. Their first film, Marisol, is currently streaming on HBO. As a producer, her films have screened in festivals all over the world.  Join us on Clubhouse to jump in and join our conversations with industry insiders!


Jessica Sherr on Clubhouse "The Actors Club" March 31, 2021

Have you ever considered creating your own work? If not, you should be.  Find out how Jessica Sherr created her one-woman-show and how it has improved and enhanced her career.  She is an actress, writer, and producer based in New York, a graduate of the Wynn Handman Acting Studio and has studied improv at UCB and The PIT. Jessica has been seen on Claws (TNT), Cloak and Dagger (ABC FreeForm), Blue Bloods (CBS) and is the writer/actress in her acclaimed solo show, Bette Davis Ain’t For Sissies now available on Broadway on Demand! She is also co-creator, along with myself, Laura Dowling Shea, and Jody Lauren Miller, of the soon-to-be released series, Scratch ThisJoin us on Clubhouse to jump in and join our conversations with industry insiders!


Christian Keiber on Clubhouse "The Actors Club" March 24, 2021

Ever wonder what it’s like to be an actor in LA vs NY? How to find a new agent? Or wonder if networking is even worth it as an actor?

Well, lucky for you, I have all the answers (and a couple more you may not have thought of originally!)

I had the great pleasure of speaking with Christian Keiber in The Actors Club on Clubhouse. He spoke about his life in LA vs. NY, how he had a drink with George Clooney (and might have ignored him), and valuable marketing tools to have as an actor to get booked more!