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I want to congratulate you…
On understanding the importance of strong actor marketing materials…
Just like your headshot and resume, 
if your actor reel does not come across as professional, then you don’t come across as professional
But looking professional isn’t enough…
Because you also have to understand your audience
Your reel is not for your friends, your fans, your family, or even you.
Your reel is for Casting Directors, Agents, Producers, Directors, and any other 
Decision makers that will decide in the blink of an eye whether you are worth spending their precious time on…
Or if they will move on to the next actor out of the thousands vying for their attention.
To play to this audience of decision makers, you must have a reel that is cut to show the best of your available work in the most compelling way possible. 
Graphic design beside the Actor Demo Reel Packages Inclusion lists
As an actor,
you know better than anyone how important it is to have a top-notch demo reel that 
showcases your talent and highlights your unique abilities.
But let’s face it…creating a demo reel that truly 
captures your essence and 
leaves a lasting impression 
on casting directors, agents, and producers is easier said than done.
If you are a seasoned actor trying to bump your career to the next level…
Or toward the beginning of your career with a few roles under your belt and you want to attract good representation…
Or if you are at any other point in this crazy career journey that we have chosen…
Give yourself the edge to stand out in this crowded industry!
Other reel companies will promise a fast edit, or ask you to tell them exactly what moments to include. But then, they are just a glorified editing program.
Just a human version of iMovie, cutting clips, and sticking them back to back.
This is not what will make you stand out from the crowd.
You need someone with an expert eye who knows how to massage a clip to make you the focus of attention…
And not distract them from the performance they should be watching…
Or worse yet, bore them!
When every clip in your reel is crafted to give 
Casting confidence in your work,
And clearly demonstrates who you are as an actor,
And those clips are woven together to create a captivating reel that properly encompasses your career and range…That is when you have a reel that will not be ignored.

Not all editors can do this

Editing demo reels, just like all other forms of editing, is a specialized task.
Even if an editor takes their time and tries to consider your “best moments”
Without in-depth knowledge of how casting works, they are just throwing darts in the dark.

So why choose
Demo Reels For Actors?

Hi, my name is Jessica Alexandra Green.
I am an Actor, Editor, Director, Producer, and the Founder of Demo Reels For Actors.
I have been in this business for a looooong time, and have seen it from almost every angle.
As an actor I have experienced the joy of being cast in a role that I was perfect for. 
As a director I have felt the relief and delight in finding the perfect actor to fill a role.
But I also know the frustrating truth about actor life…
and how it feels to spend weeks sending out your materials looking for new reps…
or to self-submit to dozens of roles…
and never get a response.
I know the frustration of being certain that I was the very best person to fill a particular role, but not being able to capture the attention of the “gatekeepers”.
I know the feeling of apprehension while sending out marketing materials, of being worried that I might make a bad first impression, because I wasn’t certain if my materials truly showcased my work in the best possible light.
I was an actor first.
I didn’t know what those gatekeepers were looking for, and I certainly didn’t know how to show it to them.
But then I became a film editor…
And over years of cutting films and series,
I learned how to direct the viewer’s attention to see exactly what I wanted them to see. I learned how to serve the story, genre, and flow…how to create intensity and emotion.
I learned to select the strongest parts of a performance to elevate the final scene far beyond what existed in the raw footage.
I combined this skill with my knowledge of how casting works,
from years of being “in the room”
as well as going through the casting process for my own films and series as a director,
And my keen eye for performance
To construct phenomenal acting reels.
I took all of these carefully honed editing skills and shifted the focus from serving the story, to serving the actor.
Stringing together clips of scenes as they were cut for the film or show, does an enormous disservice to the actor. The scene wasn’t cut to showcase the actor, it was cut to tell a story (or sometimes to showcase the star).
But when those same scenes are recut to highlight only the strongest moments, 
And shine the spotlight on only the actor that is supposed to be showcased, 
The impact of those new clips and reels is undeniable.

Here are just a few testimonials
from my clients:

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-Jessica Alexandra Green

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