Demo reels often go out to industry professionals who you have never met, and will be the basis of their decision to see you in person.  That's why quality is so important- it will make the difference between booking the job and looking like an amateur.  You wouldn't use a snapshot taken by your cousin Gertrude as your headshot- so why would you send out a reel or clips that are not professional quality?

Jessica Green is the owner and lead editor at Demo Reels for Actors. She is a multi-award-winning actor, editor, and director.


"Being an actor myself, I understand how important every single industry interaction is, especially when you are not representing yourself live in person.  I cut every reel as if it were my own. I understand how important it is to stand out from the crowd and be able to put your talent on display in an eye-catching way that shows off your uniqueness.


I am active in the community and keep up to date with casting director preferences.  I regularly communicate with industry professionals to learn what they are looking for in submitted materials, and changing trends within the industry."


"Do you want an award-winning and prolific editor creating your reel? (Of course you do!) Hit up Jessica Green to make your work stand out!"


-Neem B.

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